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The 1892 Housatonic Railroad layout being built by Craig Bisgeier and friends. This multi-deck, single track prototype layout is designed to replicate the Danbury & Norwalk Division of the Housatonic Railroad, which later became part of the Berkshire Division of the New Haven Railroad.

The 1892 Housatonic Railroad layout features many items of interest for modelers, including the use of wooden I-beams to support layour benchwork, grid benchwork built from ripped-plywood lumber, masonite spline sub-roadbed, thin-section upper level construction, barrel-bolt switch throws, oil-painted styrene sheet backdrops, operations-related electronics projects and more.

Begun in late 2003, the layout is about 60% completed (benchwork and track) and about 5% scenery. The DCC command control system is installed and operational, and we anticipate beginning operations around December 2006. Car forwarding will use a standard car card and waybill system, and train control accomplished under timetable and train order rules.

I hope you will drop by the website and visit, enjoying our construction journal (regularly updated) and the many layout design and operations articles hosted there. Thanks.

Craig Bisgeier Owner, the 1892 Housatonic Railroad www.housatonicrr.com

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