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Layout Overview

The Albion, Lancing and Madison RailRoad is a fictitious line set rather vaguely somewhere east and set in a late 50's era. It's probably a class 3 railroad of some 200 miles length connecting the three largish towns in it's title, acting as a feeder line for several larger lines and running some suburban passenger trains. The model is in a 18.5 X 10 foot room at the back of my garage/workshop. It's a point to point with a return loop and six staging at the lower end. It's arranged as a "Nolix" gradually gaining height as it winds around the walls and along a central peninsular. At various points it has two or three decks, and is designed to pack a lot of operation into a smallish space although this has resulted in a lot of compromises. My preferred type of operation is the way freight running between multiple towns with some passenger trains as well. The line will be run with Lenz DCC with walkaround controls, most switches(Peco) will be operated manually and I intend to use some sort of car dispatching software. Construction will mostly be 40 mm foam board supported by steel studding.

Track Plans (mk 1)

Image:ALM Lower.jpg

Image:ALM Middle.jpg

Image:ALM Upper.jpg

This is the first version of the track plan I devised, I'd originally planed to do a version of this track plan as a On30 layout in the same space but rejected it because of the narrowness of some of the scenic sections and the lack of separation between levels. When the decision was made to build a ho layout in the same space I realized these restrictions where less of a problem.

This plan was, in turn, inspired by an Ma and Pa influenced plan for a version of the PURR lines. see Purr Plan I looked at this and thought it would be a natural for a multi-deck treatment as it basicaly runs twice around the room.

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