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The very successful Piedmont Division of the NMRA based in Atlanta, Georgia will be sponsoring the South's first ever LDSIG/OpSIG event in the fall of 2008. This event will be based on other successful regional events like the Bay Area and the New Jersey events. Scott Perry, LDSIG/OpSIG/NMRA member, will be coordinating the efforts in cooperation with LDSIG/OpSIG and the Piedmont Division. Expect all the great features of other events like planning help, operating sessions, layout tours, track planning contests and much, much more. The Piedmont Division already has an annual layout tour featuring 60 home layouts every November. You can see more about them on their website at Planning has begun and if you are in the area and would like to participate, or you just have some good ideas, let Scott Perry know. We'll have a website up very soon!

-- Scott Perry, Atlanta Subcommittee Chair.

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