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My layout, not yet named. It is located in Greensborough, Melbourne, Victoria, in the "land downunder" - Australia. Progress update: 18 Sep 2008


It is a HO scale layout that had used the LDSIG alot for inspiration.

For more information and updates: External Link to David Head's Website

Layout design has been a hobby as well as model railroading proper. My layout incorporates a few new, a few old ideas that suit me.

The layout at a glance (as proposed)

Name of Railroad: Not decided yet.

Scale: HO (1:87)

Size of Layout: 32 x 21 Feet.

Prototype: South Eastern Australian - standard gauge.

Period/era: Modern back untill 1950's.

Layout Style:Double deck, Around the Walls. No helix, one track riese the whole time making all layout a two turn helix....

Layout Height: Decks roughly 50cm apart

Benchwork: Open Grid.

Roadbed: SPLINE roadbed made from masonite between stations or for spurs or basic junctions. 12mm Ply track base, may use 3mm ply as as cork to raise the track - mainly for stations and yards.

Track: Handlayed code 80, some commercial code 83&100.

Length of mainline run: Not determined yet.

Turnout(Point) minimum: no#6. no#7 the main points used

Minimum curve radii: 30 inches. Preferred radius 36 inches.

Maximum grade: 1:45

Scenery construction: Styrofoam, plaster and cardboard formers. - any ideas I will try.

Control: NCE DCC with manual and electronic point control, and eventual computer control of points & signals.

Starting Date: 2002

Completion Date: TBA (2012 !)

To see the (evolving) Layout Plan: Click Here

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