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This is the layout

Three separate loops on independent controllers


Parts I Have


All Life Like PowerLoc

  • 60 18" Raidus Curves
  • 40 9" Straits
  • 3 Left Hand Turnouts
  • 2 Right Hand Turnouts
  • other non-road bed track



All Life Like

  • 1 Santa Fe GP38-2 Low Nose
  • 1 Santa Fe GP38-2 High Nose
  • 1 Amtrack F7
  • 1 Cheesie System GP38-2 Low Nose


Rolling Stock

  • 2 40' Quad Hopper
  • 2 40' Box Car
  • 1 40' Gondola
  • 1 60' Gondola
  • 1 60' Bulkhead Flatcar

  • and lots more

The Plan

One Day...

Ideas Form Other People

Can I just say that if travelling anti-clockwise there is no way to get off of the outer circuit. This is a common fault of clever designs and maybe the designers have it in mind. A crossover somewhere would make the design flexible in both directions.

I'm not sure if the track is crossing itself on the right hand side or going over itself. If going over itself, you won't have enough length to make the slope. If crossing itself, you won't be able to use the Bachmann track. Suggestion. Take two straight pieces out of the outer loops (one on each side) and move the ride hand side in 9". Then put a left hand turnout where the right hand turnout is and connect the track. It will be more prototypical this way. Have fun!

Scott Perry

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