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This is my first attempt at a model railroad as an adult. When I was young my father and I started (and never finished) an HO oval with a couple turnouts on a 4x8 sheet of partical board. As I grew older I gave up on the hobby for 'cooler' things like RC cars and planes. Now I'm back into it and planning my first layout.

My space is very limited. My house isn't large and my basement is my storage area so I need a small layout that will fit on an old 2.5' x 5' computer desk. Not to mention, if I was to do something bigger my partner would kill me :) Because of of my size limitations I am going with an N scale layout. If I'm truely honest I'm also going with N because I like the idea of a small scale layout. If I was to build a larger layout someday I think I would still go with N. I would also like something small because I would like to join a club at some point and I think it would be ideal for shows.


Company: Canadian Pacific Railway
Era: Modern Day
Stock: Not sure as of yet. I'm thinking either Logging or Ore and Trans Canada Shipping.
Track: Because my space is limited I can't exactly go nuts with hundreds of feet of track so I've decided to go with a small spagetti bowl type layout with a small rail yard for storing cars and to make for a somewhat interesting operating environment. I also happen to enjoy just watching the trains rolling around the main line.
Scenery: Mountainous, lots of inclines. The main line will be 3 levels. As you will see in the initial layout there are a few overlaps. I'm not sure if the inclines will too much as of yet but I think it will be okay. Ground level will be at the rail yard, starting at the first turnout on the left, when you head to the right the incline will start at the curve then raise up to a ridge line (with a cliff to the right of the train). At some point it will enter a tunnel at a high point and then slowly wind down in and out of tunnels to the ground level again. On that ridge line there will als be a big wooden trussel bridge. I still need to research to see if that is feasable for a modern railway but we shall see.
Industry: The main theme of this layout will either be Ore transport with a mine somewhere on the layout or logging with a mill somewhere on the layout, secondary to the theme will of course be a trans Canada shipping train winding its way throught 'rockys' on its way to the west coast of Canada.


Control: DCC, undecided on mfg as of yet, I'm also planning on looking into Computer Control
Turnouts: Tortoise Track System by Circuitron - yes.. overkill for 5 switches located a foot away from the operator, but I'm a 32 year old male who plays with computers all day. I like my toys :)


This is my first draft. Feel free to comment in the discussion area for this page. This is just a flat trackwork, I will be working more on the elevations and scenery as time permits. Image:Layout_-_draft2.JPG


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