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The Cool Springs and Whispering Pines layout was designed to be used as a traveling display and or a drop in unit for a railroad entertainment center. Even as small as it is the dual objective required a significant amount of planning. The major design elements were two separate support systems. One to serve as a removable stand alone (legged framed support) for displays and train shows. The other is a cabinet type apparatus that the layout drops into. This I call the Railroad entertainment center. Because the layout is 10ft. long it would be to difficult to transport so the layout was designed as two separable sections. Thus improving its ability to travel and be handled. The joining of the sections is concealed by a grade crossing. Layout_joint.jpg Camoed grade crossing.jpg A river, highway bridge, removable mountain, etc. could be used as an alternative way to accomplish the same thing. Planning the finished layout in the beginning ahead with these considerations was critical to the success. Even with much of the planning though, after building the layout more ideas were added latter. However it is important to note that many of these ideas would have been easier and better if they were planned in the beginning. Only concluding the importance of planning ahead. [[1]] [[2]] [[3]] [[4]] [[5]] [[6]] Showcase Miniatures

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