Canadian Pacific Logging Branchline

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The following is a trackplan that I designed which is loosly based off of J.L. Simonet's Possum Valley RR, which was modified from a published plan. I've made some modifications to the plan by stretching everything out into a 6' x 4' space, and tweaking everything including the sidings and branchline to my liking. I also added extensive staging to the lower level indicated in the pictures. I've designed this layout to be portable, but also to be able to be incorporated into a large layout if I ever get around to one. I'm trying to model a logging branchline with a logging camp and a sawmill, with a small town serviced mainly by the railroad. Town names and such are still up in the air, but it will be Canadian Pacific, early 40's to early 50's in British Columbia's southern interior.

Mainline min. radius: 12.5" Logging Line min. radius 11" Max grade: 2.3%

Here is a plan that I've come up with so far:

Image:Logging Branchline Trackplan.jpg

Here's a plan for the staging that I've planned. It has three tracks, a reverse section and is accessable from both directions.

Image:Logging Branchline Staging.jpg

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