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Post your track plan/layout design here if you would like to have members of the LD SIG give you a critique. Once you have added your track plan or design here, also go add a topic thread to the LD SIG Forum with the same name as your layout page: Siskiyou Line - HO - Joe Fugate and mention you've posted a new design to the wiki layout critique section. You'll get more traffic if you also post a direct link to your track plan wiki page in your forum message.

NOTE: To post content in this wiki, you need to get a login, so please email the Webmaster and request a login. We've allowed open login creation but unfortunately spammers and vandals have been creating new logins and defacing our wiki, so we now require you to specifically request a login in order to add your content to this wiki. Thank you spammers for making the world such a hassle for the rest of us -- may you get what you so richly deserve.


Posted Track Plans / Layout Designs

O, G Scale

  • (need some track plans!)

S Scale

HO Scale

N Scale

Z Scale

  • (need some track plans!)

Add your layout design for critique

  • To make a new entry:
  1. Above on Posted Layout Designs click [edit] on the right.
  2. Add your entry to the list -- you can just copy an entry and then paste it at the bottom of the list if you like.
  3. Edit your new entry so it reads: your layout name - your scale - and your name.
  4. Click save page -- you should see your new entry in the list above, but it should be red, which means it's new.
  5. Click your new red entry and tell us about your layout. Upload your track plans, and post digital images (image posting example) that show us your space or illustrate some design element you want to include.
  6. Click save to save your new page!
  7. Go to the LD SIG forum and post a message soliciting comments about your plan in the wiki critique section!
  8. NOTE: Make sure and include at the bottom of your new entry page [[Category:Critiques]] (just the text, no formatting). This adds it to the index below automatically. Also, avoid putting special characters in your critique name (don't use !@#$%^&* in your critique name) or it can cause problems.

Articles in category "Critiques"

There are 34 articles in this category.





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