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If you're a member who is currently building a model train layout, then we're interested in learning more about what you're up to!

This section of the wiki is devoted to those who have a layout project underway. If you are past the track planning stages and now building your model railroad, we encourage you to create a page or two to tell us about it. If you already have a model railroading layout website on the internet, then add a summary page to tell us a little bit about your railroad and give us a nice link to your site!

NOTE: To post content in this wiki, you need to get a login, so please email the Webmaster and request a login. We've allowed open login creation but unfortunately spammers and vandals have been creating new logins and defacing our wiki, so we now require you to specifically request a login in order to add your content to this wiki. Thank you spammers for making the world such a hassle for the rest of us -- may you get what you so richly deserve.


Member Layout Projects

O Scale

  • Need Layouts

S Scale

HO Scale

N Scale

Z Scale

  • (need some layouts!)

Add your layout ...

To add your layout project to this page:

  • You have to create a login and be logged in to post to the LDSIG Wiki. Click Login/Signup in the navigation menu on the left.
  • Once logged in, click [edit] to the right of the Member Layout Projects section, above.
  • Add a new entry with the name of your layout - your scale - and your name. Copying one of the other entries and then editing it may be helpful.
  • Then click save.
  • Your new entry will be a link in red, which means it does not yet exist.
  • Click your new entry link and you will be taken to a new page where you can post your layout project details.
  • Describe what you're doing, upload scans of your track plans, post digital images (image posting example) of your construction progress, and so on.
  • Add [[ Category:Layouts ]] to the bottom of your post and it will be added automatically to the index below.

NOTE: Please keep any images you post to less than 300K and no larger than about 800 pixels by 600 pixels.

Articles in category "Layouts"

There are 32 articles in this category.















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