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News items of interest to the Layout Design Special Interest Group membership. To post detailed announcements of local LDSIG events, please use the LDSIG Local Events section. But after the successful completion of your event come back here and post a news item to tell us how it went!

News Items

  • December 2010 New LDJ Editor - Byron Henderson takes over beginning with LDJ-41.
  • July 2007 Detroit Convention - LDSIG election results and reports on events by Mike O'Brien.
  • Jan. 2007 Atlanta Event - Piedmont Div of NMRA to sponsor POSSUM Tracks in late fall 2008 in Atlanta.
  • Oct. 2006 New President - Mike O'Brien succeeds to the office of President on the resignation of Bruce Metcalf.
  • Oct. 2006 New Publications Dept. Head - Nick Kalis has been appointed Department Head of the Publications Department.
  • Sept 2006 New Titles, Same Functions - Some committees are now called departments or subcommittees. Huh?
  • July 2006 Philadelphia Staff Changes - Results of the Philadelphia LDSIG Board elections.
  • July 2006 LDSIG Layout Tour - LDSIG Layout Tour at the Philadelphia convention.
  • July 2006 LDSIG Picnic - LDSIG Picnic at the Philadelphia convention.

  • Sample News Item - Click [edit], copy this entry and retitle it, save and then click on it to start your own news item.
  • Sample News Item-2 - A copy of the above sample news item that's protected.

NOTE: Consider posting not only text, but uploading digital photos to illustrate your news post. Here is a step-by-step image upload example to show you how easy it is to add pictures to your wiki post!

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