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I am in the process of designing an HO layout for a 12' x 12' 10" room in my basement.

This will be a continuous run type operation with some switching. There is a staging area that is connected to the main layout via a double crossover.

Any help that you can offer in the design process would be greatly appreciated.

Givens & Druthers:


* The layout will be HO scale, standard gauge.
* The space available: 12'10" x 12'2". The room is dedicated Right of Way.
* Minimum mainline radius 24"
* Mainline minimum turnout #6.
* DCC operation.
* Computer control of the mainline.
* Continuous run.


* Walkaround design, with no duckunders.
* Good staging capacity.
* Provide good operations potential for 3 - 6 people, but still be fun for me, by myself.
* A branch or two, with switching to keep it interesting.
* Emphasis on train running rather than switching.
* Bridges and tunnels are a must.
* Busier trackwork is preferred over sparse.
Main Deck
Main Deck
West Wall
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