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This is my first layout in almost a decade. I had a N-Scale layout from the time I was a teenager but when the second daughter came I lost the last spare bedroom and then we built a new home (which I did not make provisions for a model RR) and the trains have been packed away since. Now that the kids are getting a bit older and are starting to be more independent I decided I can spend a bit more time with my old hobby.

I negotiated a corner of our main great room and have decided on a shelf layout that will be furniture grade finished to keep the wife happy. I finally settled on three modules, 4 four foot long "return loop" modules and one 32"x32" corner module. I build them based on the bookshelf railroad series in the Jan/Feb 1977 Model Railroader magazine. Interestingly enough these were the first model railroad magazines from my very first magazine subscription when I was a teenager.


Company: Delaware & Hudson
Era: 1960's
Stock: Bridge Line
Track: Handlayed Code 40 with any size turnout that fit the location. I wrote an article for Model Railroader in 1989 outlining how I make my code 40 turnouts. The lead photo was a D&H PA!
Scenery: New England in the Summer
Industry: I will model actual industries located between Albany and Binghamton with the main yard being Oneonta.


Control: DCC, maybe Digitrax or maybe I will role my own (I am an electical engineer and already have written code for a PIC microcontroller for a receiver)


Here is Rev A of my design. Feel free to comment in the discussion area for this page. I used John Armstrong's "squares" approach and some of the suggestions in his Track Planning for realistic operation book as will as from the tips here.

Delaware & Hudson N Scale Layout
Delaware & Hudson N Scale Layout

The hidden staging allows a train to be assembled in the main yard (Oneonta N.Y.) and travel south to Binghamton N.Y. or Scranton PA. (by terminating in the staging yard). The other staging track will have a return train from Binghamton N.Y. or Scranton PA. to the main yard (Oneonta N.Y.)


  • Layout Software: XTrkCAD (Interesting enough I was one of the original beta testers for XtrkCad 1.0 many, many years ago)
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