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If you are new to the LD SIG wiki and wonder what it's all about, here's the place to start!


So what's a wiki?

SHORT ANSWER: A wiki is a fancy word for a web site with pages YOU can edit.

LONG ANSWER: For a long time, creating a web site required a trained web programmer. In the late 1990s the idea of a Wiki was invented: a web site with pages anybody could edit. A web site created by the masses, if you will. The word "Wiki" is Polynesian for "fast" -- the idea being you can create content on the web fast and easy with a wiki.

To contribute to a wiki, you click edit and you can alter or add content to the web page, right from your browser!

The idea is nothing short of revolutionary! Truly the beginning of what has been called Web 2.0, where the slogan is "Putting the WE in Web" -- the internet becomes something EVERYONE can help build!

Problems with a web site anyone can edit

There is one obvious problem with a web site anyone can edit -- SPAM.

For this reason, many wiki sites require you to sign up to edit the wiki. However, this is not foolproof either, because people with less-than-honorable intentions can just sign up and then start trashing your wiki with SPAM.

Unfortunately, this sort of wiki spamming is on the rise, and the LD SIG wiki has been subjected to this as well. We now require you to request a login in order to add pages to our wiki or edit any of its content.

To request a login to the wiki, just email the LD SIG webmaster.

GETTING STARTED: Creating a new page in the LD SIG Wiki

Once you have your login to our wiki, it's time to get started adding or editing content!

Probably the most mysterious thing about adding content to the LD SIG wiki is how to create a new page.

Here's the secret: to create a new wiki page, you edit an existing page and add a link to a new page.

Adding a link to your new wiki page

1. Go to the page you want to link from, like Layout projects, for instance.

2. Click the [edit] link on the section you want to edit, or to edit the entire page, click the edit tab at the top of the page.

3. Type in the name of your new layout page, like:

  Siskiyou Line - HO - Joe Fugate 

NOTE: Spaces are okay in a page name, but it's best to avoid special characters like #@!$%^&*. For example, Siskiyou Line page #1 is not a recommended page name.

4. Now, to make the page name into a link to a new wiki page, just put double brackets around it, like this:

  [[Siskiyou Line - HO - Joe Fugate]]

NOTE: On the Layout Projects page, each layout entry is in a bullet list, so to add a bullet to the front of your entry, put an asterisk-space in front of your link, like this: * [[Siskiyou Line - HO - Joe Fugate]]

5. Click the Save page button to save your changes.

6. The link to your new page will show as RED, meaning the new page behind the link does not yet exist:

  Siskiyou Line - HO - Joe Fugate

Creating your new page

Once you have added the link to your new page as described in the previous section, now it's time to actually create your new page.

1. Click on the red link — this opens up the editor for your new page.

2. Now type in your page content and click Save page.

3. If you go back to the parent page that links to your new page, notice the link to your page is now PURPLE, which means the page now exists.

  Siskiyou Line - HO - Joe Fugate

Congratulations, you have just created your first new page in the LD SIG wiki!

Making your page look pretty - using wiki markup

In order to make your page look pretty, you have to use wiki markup in your text.

Certain character sequences are interpreted by the wiki as special markup, and the wiki will render your content in a special format when you put these special characters around your text.

For example, to get the word special to show as italics, you type it like this:


And it gives you this:


Or, to get the word special to show as bold, you type it like this:


And it gives you this:


To create headings and subsections in your wiki page, you use equal signs, like this:

==Main heading==

Gives you this:

Main Heading

For a brief list of the most common wiki markup you will typically use, see: Editing quickstart -- Just give me the essentials.

Making your page look pretty - adding photos to your wiki page

To take your wiki page to the next level, you will want to add photos or other graphics to your page.

Here is a complete step-by-step explanation of how to add images to your wiki page: Uploading images -- Step-by-step image upload example.

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