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I am interested in railroading in the Twin Cities, and I am interested in urban/industrial switching. I have two spots in my house where I could fit in two separate 7 foot shelf layouts.

I have another plan out for critique called "Progressive Rail". But on this web page I'd like to introduce a plan called Hiawatha Avenue. Hiawatha Avenue is in South-East Minneapolis. The old Milwaukee road rail line along Hiawatha Avenue is flanked by huge grain elevators on both sides, creating sort of an urban canyon look.

Here is a aerial picture showing a part of the line, at the intersection of 37th street and Hiawatha Avenue:


Here is my latest layout plan (front of layout at top, wall at bottom - front corresponds to lower part of prototype photo above): Image:Rypern_Hiawatha_plan01k.jpg

Givens: - H0 scale - I only have 7 feet long by 20" deep available for this particular layout, but I can use four feet extra (on the left side) during running - must be removed when not operating, since it interferes with other uses of the room (see figure below)


Druthers: - I like switching (which is good - won't be much mainline running on 7 feet of track) - short switcher(GE 70-tonner), short (40') cars.

I'll post more on this later

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