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About the LDSIG Wiki

The LDSIG Wiki is a community web site that exists to help Layout Design Special Interest Group's members, other hobbyists, and the public at large by providing a common repository of model railroad layout design knowledge, insight, and critique.

As a member-editable web site, the LDSIG hopes this site will foster increased communication among our members in the form of online layout design critiques, postings of all local LDSIG events, and engaging discussion on Layout Design Primer content.

The Layout Design Special Interest Group, Inc. is a non-profit membership corporation whose purposes are:

  • To act as a forum for the members' exchange of information and ideas;
  • To develop improved ways for hobbyists to learn the art and science of layout design;
  • To provide leadership for planning, developing, coordinating, and expanding the knowledge of planning model railroads; and
  • To promote, develop, support and encourage participation by the public in model railroading.
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