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General disclaimer

This LDSIG Wiki is an online open-content collaborative knowledge base. A voluntary association of individuals (LDSIG Members) collectively maintain this site with the goal of developing a world-wide accessible resource of human knowledge around model railroad layout design. The structure of this site allows any registered member with an Internet connection and World Wide Web browser to alter content. The LDSIG expects that you will use a reasonable amount of care and common sense when using the content on this site, realizing it often contains opinions or highly subjective material.

Use respect and courtesy in your posts

Remain respectful of others and refrain from personal attacks on content posters or from slandering anyone outside this wiki site.

This is not a gripe-fest web site, it's a site to further collaborative knowledge about our great hobby, so let's keep it fun!

Repeat offenders WILL be booted — your login will be deleted and your IP addressed will be blocked.

Posting content and who owns the copyright

You must not post copyrighted content on this site unless you (the poster) are the copyright holder.

Posted content, unless otherwise marked, is copyleft Copyleft gives anyone the rights to use the content elsewhere as long as the derivative content maintains the copyleft provision allowing people to still access, modify, and duplicate it for free and that you credit the original source. Copyleft does not allow you to take the content as written and use it in a commercial or for profit publication. Of course copyleft does not protect the idea itself, only the specific expression of it, so you are free to express it in different words in commercial and for profit publications if you like. Common courtesy, however, says that when you do so, you will credit the LDSIG Wiki as your inspiration.

You may retain rights to the content (upon posting) only if you explicitly mark the content with a copyright notice, like shown here:

Copyright 2006 by John Doe.
©2006 by John Doe.

We strongly prefer that you avoid posting content to the LDSIG Wiki with personal copyright notices and that you let your content fall under the copyleft provision.

Inappropriate content

If any inapropriate content is found posted on this wiki site it will be removed and the IP address will be disabled from making any future postings.

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