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The Dover Foxcroft and Portland is a prototype based freelanced version of the Boston and Maine and Maine Central set in the time frame between the transition era up through early 1980's prior to the Timothy Mellon acquisition.

Givens and Druthers

Givens: The layout space in a 1788 SF basement - layout area 35 x 45 feet, crew lounge, full bath and storage closet.

I am 68" tall with a 63" eye-level, 50" high armpit, 40" high elbow, and 33" tall waist.

Druthers: H0 scale, double-deck or mushroom, single track with passing sidings, track plan. Point to point with hidden track for continuous running. Prototype based: Boston & Maine/Maine Central in New Hampshire & Southern Maine - Mountain Division of MEC, Portland Division of B&M Branchlines to model portions of MEC Lower Road and B&M Ossippee Branch Interchange with the Atlantic Great Eastern at Ellen and Anson Walk-around design with digital command control. Operating staff required: one to nine people including a dispatcher. 36" minimum aisle with no duck-unders and minimal backtracking. Staging under layout and in utility room, but easily accessible. Mainline will be code 100 or 83 with 30" minimum radius and #6 or larger switches. Main yard will be Rigby (Portland ME) 2ndary yards: St J and Dover NH Branch lines and sidings will be code 83 and/or 70 with 22" minimum radius. Industrial trackage will be code 70 to code-55 with 18" minimum radius. Maximum grade = 2.5%. Average freight train length = 15-25 cars with run through bridge traffic of 25-40 cars. Average passenger train length = 4-5 cars. 1 or 2 car consist Rail Diesel Car (RDC) commuter service Era: B&M: Late McGinnis and Dustin era, MEC E Spencer Miller era Time Period(s): (1) late 40's early 50's, (2) mid 70's to mid 80’s.

Symbol Freights to be modeled: RY-1 Portland TO St J YR-2 St J to Portland Local turns out of Rigby and St. J Bangor and Waterville to Rigby and Return (BR and RB) Interchange with B&M at Rigby Gravel Job to Boston B&M Symbol freights between Rigby and Mechanicville NY B&M Local Freights: D-6

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