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Welcome to the Layout Design Special Interest Group Library (Wiki).

If you're interested in Model Railroad layout design, you've come to the right place!

Interested in Model Railroad Layout Design?

The Layout Design Special Interest Group's prime purpose is to:

  • Help you design and create a layout design that achieves your model railroad layout goals with minimum space and cost
  • Teach you how to avoid common model railroad layout design flaws
  • Provide insight on how to best include prototypical and model design features that maximize operating and visual interest on your model railroad.

We are a nonprofit educational organization that exists to help our members, other hobbyists, the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA), publishers, and the public at large by offering varied benefits to all regarding the subject of model railroading.

LDSIG Topic Areas

Layout Design Aids

LDSIG Organization

  • Conventions - Pages about the LDSIG's National Conventions.
  • LDSIG News - Important news of interest to the LDSIG membership.
  • For Members - Helpful member aids (hosting a meet, etc.) — NEW!
  • LDSIG Staff - Organization Chart for the LDSIG.
  • Help Wanted - Open positions in the LDSIG. — NEW!
  • LDSIG Bylaws - Layout Design SIG organization's bylaws.

NOTE: To post content in this wiki, you need to get a login, so please email the Webmaster and request a login. We had allowed open login creation but unfortunately spammers and vandals have been creating new logins and defacing our wiki, so we now require you to specifically request a login in order to add your content to this wiki. Thank you spammers for making the world such a hassle for the rest of us -- may you get what you so richly deserve.

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