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My HO scale Joppa Sub is a semi-proto version of the Missouri Pacific's ex-C&EI trackage in Southern Illinois. The layout is in a 20 x 25 room. The layout room also includes three 6' x 6' dormers, which are perfect areas for helix construction, and the multi-deck plan that I have chosen. All track locations are based on official track diagrams, albeit some track orientation is inverted due to space and location on the layout.

The track plan follows the around-the-walls variety, with a peninsula in the middle of the plan. The helices connect the levels with one-another. Staging is accomplished with a visible staging yard on the lowest portion of the layout, and I have designed it to be totally open...a staging "deck" if you will. This area serves as origin/destination for most of the traffic on and "off" the layout. I have revised the plan to allow for the original twin door openings of the room to allow entrance. Aisle space will be a MINIMUM of 36 inches. NO DUCKUNDERS!! I have come to this decision based on the fact that at 45 years old...I am no longer interested in ducking under a 48" bench to get into the layout room...And I would gather that my guests would not as well!!

The Layout's original bench work has now been dismantled...completely...and will instead be rebuilt with the use of a stud wall and shelf brackets...utilizing 2" extruded foam board as sub roadbed and cork as the main roadbed under micro engineering track and switches. I just decided that starting fresh is what needed to be done...despite my desire to have the layout running back in short order...I believe I can still accomplish this task...provided I am inspired. The previous layout maintained too many compromises to my wants and needs for layout design...and the current plan will accomplish both with relative ease. I also believe that the lighter benchwork will lend itself to ease of construction. Traveling up and down stairs is NO FUN with plywood.

The status as of 02-05-2014 is new bench work completed...the staging yard is complete. I have finished the first of two helices...up to West Frankfort, IL...currently laying track and building the yard there...Once that is done, I will then make some quick progress...as single track main and such doesn't take as long to build as the yards do!!! I have designed the layout for to the space I have available. With new freight cars that are sorely needed (ExactRail Quad Hoppers), the layout is finally going to come to life...I have updated my website location and content. I am very happy with the new models that are coming in the following months...and have a large fleet of GP15-1's from Athearn on hand to build over the next couple of years or so. The layout should be operational by May 2014, if I continue to make progress in the manner I am going now.

[1]"Joppa Sub Website" [2] Pbase photo pages.

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