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My HO scale Neely Sub is a protolance layout (somewhere between prototype and freelance). I am an avid Missouri Pacific modeler and wanted to model mainline action but realized the difficulty in doing that in the space available. I chose 3 actual small towns in SE Missouri and into NE Arkansas where I could portray the look and feel of the area but with the mainline passing thru. The 3 towns are only about a 20mi stretch but in the proper order and orientation. The trick was in designing holding/reversing loops on a lower level which reflect the north and south extensions beyond the visible portion of the layout.

With this, I can run a fair amount of thru traffic to simulate the action of the main line but still have some opportunity for local operations. Hopefully this will make it “operator friendly” to occasional visitors who choose not to do complicated switching but can run and follow a train, while those desiring to do so, may take on the local duties. DCC control should aid in this as unprototypical block selectors are eliminated.

The freelance part is that I have minimal documentation on the towns modeled and have taken a few modelers liberties in adapting it. For operational opportunities, I included an interchange with the Frisco where it actually veered away from the MP tracks just north of the modeled interchange. I am a little further south than my original target area where southbound passenger trains passed thru at dusk or early evening so my times will have to be adjusted for operating sessions to eliminate complete dark sessions. They will start with the northbound passenger train going thru at daybreak, most of the session at full light, then end with a southbound at dusk.

The room is the result of having the house built with the bathroom between 2 bedrooms moved to the rear opening them into a 13' x 30' room. An extra outside door was added to allow entry without going thru the house and a walkaround trackplan designed that is fully "walk in" without duckunders or removable sections.

See details at: http://home.comcast.net/~jerryglow/

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