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I have gotten permission from the powers-that-be to move my trains to a bedroom -- the good news is that it's almost twice the size of my existing layout, the bad news is that it still is a small room, 10 x 11.5'. My present layout is a folded dogbone that's really only good for continuous running (and letting the kids run in circles). I'm interested in actually doing something with my trains -- loading and unloading, breaking and making, etc. -- so in the new layout there are places to load/unload and a classification yard as well as some underneath staging (the dashed line tracks in black). This is actually three levels, the bottom (staging) climbs slowly (well, 2-3%, hardly slowly) from the closet to join the (lower) level track at the top rear of the yard. The blue track (main level) includes the classification yard/turntable/roundhouse -- trains leaving the yard area climb (1-2% grade) to the deck bridge at the bottom of the jpeg (that bridge is in front of a window, so will have "real" sky as a backdrop). The upper tracks (in yellow) are highest at the passenger station (at the top) and generally go downhill to the same deck bridge. At the deck bridge, trains can be routed to either the higher or lower main lines, or stay in their existing loops. The main level also includes some tight "downtown" switching of a few small industries (modified "timesaver"). The "passenger" tracks on the top level, also include a few industries to support head-end loads, the Post Office, Railway Express, and a Fruit (and or vegetable) distribution building. The two "open" areas at the bottom of the layout will be town areas in the foreground, perhaps even a river pier on the right -- with mountains in the background (to imply some distance being travelled). The upper tracks also include a coal tipple in the closet (which includes a "Y" for engines that won't fit on the 90' turntable).

The big space in the center is for operator(s). The double-headed arrow-ed lines are 2'6" long, to indicate reach. I intend to have the three tracks in front of the door attach and swing with the door (cutting off power when open). Or I'll re-swing the door and use duckunder, or swing bridge... The main layout height would be above 4', but less than 5'.

I am into steam, the era for this layout would generally be the 30's, allowing my billboard boxcars and heavyweight passenger cars a place to play (not to mention my Yankee Flyer). I have tried to keep the minimum radius above 2' and #6 turnouts on the main (but lots of #5's in the yard(s)). The locale is New England and the non-urban areas will have lots of trees and foliage.

Let me know what you think -- any suggestions you can make about potential trouble spots or incorrect assumptions would be greatly appreciated Image:Mytrain.jpg

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