New Titles, Same Functions

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New Titles, Same Functions

The Board of Directors have changed the names of some committees and the titles of some chairmen. What's up with that?

Well, ever since we finished incorporating, we have been working to get the LDSIG organized the way we think it should be. This has resulted in a bit of confusion due to calling everything a committee, which results in committees within committees within committees. (Confused yet?)

To simplify matters, we have divided our committees into three levels:

Departments are the top level committees, and report directly to the President. They are under the direction of a Department Head.

Department heads supervise Committees, the second level of the organization, and these are still led by a Chairman.

Finally, the lowest level of the organization are now called Subcommittees under a Chairman.

Clear as boiler wash? Yeah, but at least we're trying. For a clearer picture of how things are organized, we've posted an Organizational Chart that may be a bit clearer.

Or not. Some things just are complicated!

-- Bruce Metcalf, President

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