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The Ouachita & Mississippi Valley Railroad is my proto-freelanced shortline railroad. It is set in the late 1960s to late 1970s in SE Arkansas and forms a connection between the Cotton Belt and the Columbus & Greenville. The map below shows where the railroad runs in relation to the real towns and railroads in Arkansas. (Exception: The Arkansas & Gulf is a fictitious creation of my friend Dan...)

image:O&MV Map 1.gif

The model railroad will feature the yard at Merrill, AR, which is across the Mississippi River from Greenville, MS. This is being modeled on a 20" x 9' shelf in a spare bedroom. I hope to expand this idea to include more of the railroad in the future (albeit, not in this space). More details may be found at my website, Mississippi Delta Railroading Pages.

I've also included a diagram for the Merrill, AR yard under the Plan Critiques section of this Wiki. Any comments would be greatly appreciated!

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