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The Pennsylvania Railroad - Panhandle Division - Late Summer 1967


Layout Details

Track chart:



Layout space:

Room size: 8x5 area of family room

Base height: 52"

Considerations: can not impede access to sliding glass door to patio or the bathroom and laundry rooms.

Lighting: not easily modified, but possible - most likely will add a shelf above to create shadow box where possible.


Scale: N

Railroad: Pennsylvania Railroad

Modeled Portions: Panhandle Division between Morgan Run and Coshocton, Ohio

Era: September 1967 - the last summer of the PRR

Motive power: Alco, EMD, and GE diesels - 4 and 6 axle power

Goal: To operate the PRR's Panhandle Division in a prototypical manner and use as a testbed for C/MRI signal and turnout control for future larger layout project

Operations: Local and through freights, through Mail and Express and passenger trains

Track: Atlas code 55 - #5 frogs on turnouts

Control: Digitrax DCC

Minimum radius: 12.5"

Turnout control: manual ground throws on industry/siding turnouts, slow motion mechanisms on main line turnouts

Signals: C/MRI based system or other - TBD

Operation method: Car card and waybills with verbal train orders

Track Plan


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