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Progressive Rail is a shortline in the Twin Cities in Minnesota. Their first operation was local switching in Airlake Industrial Park in Lakeview, on the southern outskirts of the Twin Cities.

This is such a compact operation that I was tempted to try to model a signature scene from the Airlake Industrial Park in a H0 scale 7 foot long, 2 foot deep shelf layout.


Available space

I have 7 feet that is available for a _fixed_ layout in the room I was envisioning using (a corner of the livingroom). I could use four more feet on the left of the layout, but not on a permanent basis there is a window there I cannot block off (see figure below, from another layout plan - Hiawatha Avenue):



Top picture shows original, bottom shows first layout plan (newer proposals further down on page). I have used Peco code 75 turnouts, short turnouts, short crossing and short Y.


Layout plan 3 (starting point)


A-M is the progressive rail "mainline" down the park, with A being the line to the interchange with Soo line, off to the left, not modelled. No cars will be permanently parked on the mainline, but the part from left end A all the way through central runaround B can be used to simulate a cut of 8-9 cars arriving from the interchange track, pulled by the switcher engine, or a cut of 8-9 cars getting ready to be pushed by the switcher engine out to the main.

The two ends A and M (up to first turnout from either side) can fit one short diesel (a 44-tonner) and two 40' cars. Or a short diesel and one longer car, if you want to use longer modern cars.

B is the main runaround. You can run around up to four 40' cars for moves to industrial spurs F, G and L, or for moves to industrial spurs H and J (including spot K).

C is the progressive rail HQ and warehouse, plus two "storage tracks", which each can hold 4 40' cars. This is where inbound cars will appear, and outbound cars will be left. It would be possible to squeeze in yet another track in front of the warehouse, but I think that would get too crowded - it is already a pretty crammed layout.

D is a switchback spur for spur E, but can also be used as a short team track - the real Progressive Rail unloads tank cars to tank trucks at the end of track D, or to unload cars for the warehouse C below. D can maximum fit an engine and three 40' cars when used exclusively as a switchback for E.

E is a team track, fits two 40' cars. Scenery here should be a couple of heaps of materials, plus a concrete apron for trucks. No structures - this space needs to be open to allow good access (and view) to the rest of the layout.

F is a facing point industry spur, fits one car.

G is an facing point industry spurt, fits two cars.

H is an trailing point industry spur, fits two cars.

J is a trailing point industry spur, fits one car at industry, one at tanks (round circles at K).

L is a facing point industry, fits two cars, which can be run around using runaround B.

Does this seem like a reasonable approximation of the real thing ? Any recommended changes ?

I realize that I could go to N scale, but I wanted to see what I could do in H0 scale - N is a little on the small side for my taste, even though I am starting to appreciate how much can fit into a given area when you model in N scale instead of H0 scale.

version 4: changed runaround to crossover to extend length of storage tracks

Modified layout to increase length of storage tracks, from a suggestion by Peter White from the ldsig yahoo group


version 5: mirror flipping layout, dropdown leaf extension of lead

Modified the layout again by mirroring it left to right, so lead track M is at the left end of the layout, not up against the room corner on the right side. Then added a dropdown leaf with an extension of M: Image:Rypern_Progressive5.jpg

version 5b: version 5 w/scenery

Drawing in some scenery: Image:Rypern_Progressive5b.jpg

version 6: Some spurs straightened for easier coupling, industry names


version 7: Dropping runaround, going to two engine switching


version 8: Dropping engine pocket, adding a second track at Rexam


version 9: Tidying up tracks around the Progressive Rail warehouse


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