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Appointments are pending for two positions on this committee. A call for additional volunteers will follow when we're ready to put others to work.

Following steps are expected to be:

  • Develop a plan and budget
  • Obtain approval from the Board
  • Design and construct test equipment
  • Build a small number of test samples
  • Develop a testing procedure
  • Solicit contributions of test samples of varying designs
  • Test all designs submitted
  • Determine which additional designs need testing
  • Build additional design samples
  • Test additional designs
  • Analyze and publish results

All members will be invited to build test samples to a set of standard dimensions, probably in 3-foot lengths. Samples must include everything from roadbed to rail, including ballast and ballast glue. Please don't start yet! We haven't determined what all the other specifications will be.

We will report on our progress periodically, both here and in the Layout Design Journal.


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