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Changes have been made to the staging yard based upon comments made by David W. and Dave H. Please Read the notes. If you don't it is likely that you will not understand that there is a tunnel running between the cities. Many are missing this and making comments based on this assumption.



The Rock Ridge and Train City is currently an 8 x 5 layout. I got sick up and fed of fixing EZ track so I'm building the layout again in a new larger location. The Rock Ridge and Train City is a fictitious branch of the SP in the year 1885 after the CP lease. It is located in the hilly terrain and heavily forested backside of California's Coastal Mountains. This is Rock Ridge as it currently exists. The empty area in the front will house a silver mine that is currently under construction.


Rock Ridge will lift out of it's current position and be dropped into the new layout and called Rock Ridge Module.

And this is the current train city. Don't know why exactly I'm showing you this one. I'm only saving the buildings. I guess it's to give the flavor of where I'm going.



The new layout will be in a 3 sided room 10x 11 ft x 80" of usable space.

There is an entertainment center that must be incorporated into the benchwork.

The room looks like this. Image:EmptyBasement.jpg

I can use some of the area behind the wall on the left--as long as I don't hamper use of the laundry facilities.

There must be a path from the garage door (shown) to the stairs just to the left of the wall.

Southern Pacific 1885

HO scale


All FasTrack #4 turnouts

18" Radius curves

2% grade or less.

Railfanning with large scenery

Interchange with staging and corresponding breaking and making trains

Industry as allowable



Continuous Running

layout height 48-54"



There should actually be a dotted line between the mouths of the staging yard.

The Plan



1.) The yard has been extended to allow an actuall engine and tender access to the turntable area. Thanks David W.

2) I restored the switcher pocket I removed when I added the right leg of the wye. This allows the yard to work, without it, it didn't. Thanks Dave H.


1. You can't see it well, but the main out of Train City goes underground, behind the trestle, along the side wall and emerges at Rock Ridge in the lower right.

2. The Trestle is 3.75" above the track in the tunnel. The grade rises at exactly 2%. Going counterclockwise, the falling grade is 1.56%.

3. The rear track is above Train City about 2.5 inches or so. I plan about an 18" trestle through Train City such that you can see through. On the other side there will be false front buildings and a painted backdrop to make it appear that the bulk of Train City is on the other side of the tracks.

4. There is one building below the main in Train City, the station/Wells Fargo Office. Along the left side of the building is the road going out of town. The road winds down Rock Ridge Canyon and crosses the river at the base of the trestle. It then winds up the other side, under a small trestle to the far side of Rock Ridge in front of the mine.

5. The Engine house in Train City is way too large for my old time engines. I'm going to bash it down at least so that it is equal in length to the car repair shop below it.

6. The 3=stall roundhouse in staging is part of the false front buildings that scenic the area. However, the track will extend behind the wall for engine storage.

7. The two industry tracks in Train City are a cattle ramp and a brewery.

8. The Rock Ridge area is a module from the old layout.

9. Rock Ridge Canyone is a series of waterfalls. It runs from eyelevel to high knee or low thigh high.

10. The narrow isle is for access only. Think of it as an opened ended access panel. It will not be used for operations.

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