Smokerise Valley NKP- HO - Mark Thomas

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Era: Early 1900's

Style: Single level around the walls.

Size: 17' x 12' 40"-45" off the ground

Grade: 2° max.

Prototype: Nickel Plate Road

Track work: TBD

Control System: It looks like I wil be purchasing either a MRC or NCE DCC. I have a little more homework to do on this but should purchase one in the next month.

Progress: The construction of the RR has just begun. As you will see below the benchwork has been constructed. The frame work is a butt-joint construction that is anchored to the block wall. I am off to a great start and will be updating this site as I move forward in my model railroading journey!

12/07: Work has continued on the bench work. As you will see in the pictures, the board-work on the engine and staging yard areas is coming to completion. I am using ½” plywood with ½” Homosote. The main line will be on roadbed while the track in the yards will be directly laid on the Homosote

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