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Words that you want to add in the Glossary

- Bridge types ( Cantilever, Trestle, Truss (Warren , X , Bolmann), etc)

- Turntable types (gallows, etc)

- Station design type (Stub terminal, Junction, etc)

- Dog-bone , Mushroom design

- Valances


I'm trying to make such type of Index, but I've no idea about how to "tag" single words. Enzo Fortuna

How to link to locations in a page

Enzo, you do it like this:

Here's some cool text. Now I would like this text to link to something in the Glossary, in this case Rip Track.

Notice you have to wrap the glossary Rip-Track term in DIV tags and give the tag the ID you want to use. The easiest is to just use the term itself as the ID, but put underscores in place of blanks. Then anywhere else, you reference the page name plus a # sign and the ID of the div. For instance, here's a link to Classification Yard.

Once you wrap the term in the DIV tag, you can get rid of the BR tag, since DIV automatically gives you a line break. Terms within the glossary page can refer to each other with just a # sign and the ID of the term, within double brackets. No page name is needed, since you're already on the glossary page. I've set up Articulated and Mallet to have this kind of within-the-page cross links, so you can see how they work.

Hope this helps!


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