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The Dry Prong, Bentley & Gulf Lines

Concept: The Dry Prong, Bentley & Gulf (DPBG) Lines is a small railroad system of approximately 993.5 miles serving the states of Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. It consists of two subsidiary railroads, the 501.6 mile Dry Prong, Bentley & Gulf (DPB&G) Railroad and the 540.9 mile Oklahoma & Crescent City Railway (OKCC). Both were formed around the turn of the Twentieth Century as a collection of short line and lumber logging railroads. The DPB&G acquired control of the OKCC on October 21, 1953. Major sources of traffic include lumber & paper products, oil & chemical, agriculture and South American import/exports. Partnerships with other regional and short lines give access to Texas and Little Rock, Arkansas.

Area Modeled: Representing the area between Winnfield and Alexandria, Louisiana were the OKCC operates over the DPB&G via trackage rights from the days before the merger. This area is also used by the Arkansas Southern (AS) Railway to reach Alexandria from Little Rock, Arkansas. This is an area of piney woods and hills. Major industries in the area are paper mills, lumber products, gravel and manufacturing such as fertilizer and detergent plants. Near Winnfield at one time was a working salt mine.

Layout: I began work on the layout in 1991 and began operations as soon as the first town had enough track to function. I have used L girder, and sectional framework. For track I have used a combination of code 100, 83 & 70 from various manufactures’. Initially designed for straight DC block control, it currently used CVP’s railcommand system. Plans are to switch to a DCC system, most likely CVP’s EasyDCC in the future

Image:DPBG CURRENT 0410.jpg

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