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== The New York Harbor Railroad: Modeling the west side of Manhattan during the summer of 1947. – David Ramos ==

The New York Harbor Railroad is based on the multiple railroads that served New York City on the west side of Manhattan from 30th Street to 26th Street as well as the New York Central’s 30th Street Branch (The Highline). Planning of the layout began in 2000 and actual construction began February, 2006. The Railroads being modeled are: The New York Central’s 30th street yard, 30th Street Branch, Terminal Stores, the Erie Railroad yard at 28th street and the Lehigh Valley 26th street yard.

The Central will simulate traffic supporting 30th street, Terminal Stores and the Highline. There will be two mini mole staging yards, one for 30th street (street level) and one for the Highline. The mole represents all points north of 30th street. Traffic on 30th street will consist of: the Stanley Soap Works, the Steel siding, a Team track, Armour meat siding, and a set of sidings to support Terminal Stores. The High Line starts in staging and then feeds: the Morgan parcel post office, several sidings and St. John’s Park Terminal.

The Erie’s 28th street yard will simulate traffic from car floats from NJ inbound to the 28th street freight house, the team tracks, or the crane tracks. Outbound traffic will either come from the team tracks or Lifeshultz fast freight forwarders.

The Lehigh Valley section has not yet begun construction. It is base on track plans published in the Rail Marine group magazine “The Transfer” and will represent the actual trackage under the Starrett Lehigh building (portions of with will be modeled). Construction on the Lehigh Valley should begin winter 2007.

The layout is powered by North Coast Engineering’s DCC system. The switch control system was to be operated by Hump Yard Purveyance devices but they are currently being replaced by Blue Points. The railroad is 99% hand laid track (only the mole yards are commercial tracks and turnouts). I also use Fast Track templates for my # 6 and double crossovers. The railroad construction progress can be monitored through my Construction Journal.

The New York Harbor Railroad is part of a round robin group consisting of Ted DiIorio’s L&HR, Craig Bisgeier’s Housatonic RR, Neil Henning’s St. Johnsbury, and Jay Held’s Erie RR. ==

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