Track standards: switches, curvature, grades, etc.

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I. Why use standards in the first place?

II. Sources for track standards

  1. NMRA Standards and Recommended Practices
  2. Model railroad publications & periodicals

III. Application of standards to:

  1. Curves
  2. Turnouts
  3. S-Curves
  4. Track Centers
  5. Vertical Clearance
  6. Grades

IV. Desires & Realities (or what can I really accomplish?)

  1. The dream
    1. Type of railroad Equipment
  2. The awful truth
    1. Available space
    2. Budget
    3. Skills

Whatya think, too dry, not in depth enough, re-hash of available material, or sort of on target? All comments and remarks are much appreciated.

Lou Nigro (email).

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