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--Bobwright 11:56, 4 December 2006 (PST)

My project is an N-Gauge layout of Japanese prototype

As I want to use my existing models / rolling stock this layout will be non-DCC. But will be computer controlled to provide automated scenery - eg trains running through stations.

I want it to convey a taste of Japan by combining the romance of a small port town at the 'setting of steam' as well as the buzz of a modern day station.

 Image:kaiganlogo.jpg                    Yamakai was born!

This gives me:

Ashigawa City - a main line station, including a Shinkansen stop.

A commuter line to its suburbs

A mountain line to Yamanashi town

A coastal line to the port of Kaingansaki

Scenic running

Point to point operations for one and perhaps up to a crew of four.



Yamakaigan Railway:

. .

The big hurdle of a layout room has now been overcome as I am presently constructing a 5 x 5 metre room in which to condense the railroad.

A rough trackplan has been drawn up and will be finalised once the layout room is up.

I have yet to design a track plan for:

Kaigansaki - overall space allocation 4500 x 750mm;

Yamanashi - overall space allocation 4500 x 450mm;

and any lineside Industries.


Trackplan (grid = 1 metre)

. .

A web site has been set up to follow Yamakai's progress http://www.kerikeri.org.nz (bottom of that page).

Any comments and suggestions would be gratefully received

~ Bob Wright


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